What areas do you serve?

We exclusively serve zip codes 98033 and 98034, which includes the Market, Norkirk, Highlands, Rose Hill, Moss Bay, Everest, Lakeview, Houghton, Bridle Trails, Finn Hill, Juanita, Kingsgate, and Totem Lake neighborhoods of Kirkland.

Please note that we are not scheduling new clients at this time. 

Why such an exclusive service area?

We want to stay nearby so that we can better serve you. We’re nearby in case of any emergencies and last-minute needs. You can rest assured that we’ll be available and able to accommodate you and your cat.

What time will you visit?

Visits will occur between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you require twice a day visits, the first visit will occur before 9:00 am and the second visit will occur after 2:00 pm (if available). We will provide you a schedule of our visits and do our best to visit at the same time each day. For the well-being of your cat, we do not offer alternating day visits.

Do you provide services to dogs or other animals?

Kirkland Cat Co. only provides sitting services for cats.